IB Practice IOC Recording

Here is the recording I have done for the practice IOC. It was a section from Margret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. It was a 10 minute recording that I did.

Reflection (Dec. 18)

In class, we have been preparing for our new FOA which we will be doing for our final. We have to create 2 PSA's (one that is 60-90 seconds and one that is 30 seconds). In my group, we will be doing ours of suicide prevention. Over the week before winter break, we had been trying to figure out what our message was going to be and how we wanted to show it. We discused what we wanted to put in and we put our ideas into a document. We wanted to educate people on suicide and show some of the signs that some people might show if they are having suicidal thoughts. We also want to show the number to a suicide prevention hotline if there are some who really need to reach out to someone. Through that, we worked on a storyboard and how we wanted to show the things we wanted to put into out PSA. We also researched a whole lot about suicide by looking for statistics and websites that may be helpful. Those helped us to get all the information we needed. We will be filming after break is over a…

Analyzation of a Political Cartoon (Dec. 11)

In class, we learned how to deconstruct and analyze a political cartoon. For this post, I will be analyzing a modern political cartoon from the Washington Post called "The K Chronicles" by Keith Knight.

In this political cartoon, we see a white police officer and a small black child. The child asks the white police officer how many shots it takes to defend against an un-armed black man. The officer then decides to figure that out and shoots off panel for most of the panels. In the end, he comes back and says that it took 41 shots which the child says that it seems a little excessive. The officer replies by saying " people could avoid getting into these situations if you would just lighten up!!" Some of the symbols include the gun and the kids watch. The gun is to show power and protection. The watch is shown because it takes far to long for them just to defend themselves. The characters are a bit exaggerated as it is a cartoon style. It is also only in …

IB Practice Paper 1 Reflection (Nov. 27)

In class, we had done our first Practice Paper 1 that IB requires. We were given 2 different text types and had to write about them. They were both about gender stereotyping and basically showing just how bad it can really be. The first text type was a cartoon showing a mother and her newborn and a nurse. The other text type was a story about a girl who lived with gender stereotyping in her country and how common it was.

I decided that I would try to write your standard 5 paragraph essay which I did. The thing is that I didn't write an outline which I wish I did. I could have gotten all of my thoughts in order if I did. I did go through the big 5 while writing this when describing both text types, but I wish I had outlined what I would have written as I repeated a lot of what was in the paragraphs. I also should have used quotes and specific examples from the texts. If I did, then I think the paper would have been better. I could tell that my thoughts were jumbled as I think I was…

Bias in the Media

Purpose: To tell the reader that transgender rights and gay rights are being threatened by Donald Trump.

Pronouns - Using terms that define a persons gender and sexuality such as trans.
Pathos - Makes you feel that your rights as someone in the LGBTQ community can be taken away at any time and you become scared.

Bias through names: Not really stating how many people are really against the LGBTQ community.

They are showing that they are supportive of the LGBTQ community and that there are many who aren't. People like Trump are trying to keep the community secluded and out. They don't want these people to be doing many normal things that we all do.

Gender in Advertising (2 GAP Advertisements)

For this blog post, I had to analyze 2 poster advertisements for GAP. In the first one, it shows a little boy and the text says "The Little Scholar." He is wearing clothing with Albert Einstein on it with "nice" clothing as to say that he will be an important figure in the future. In the second, it shows a little girl and the text says "The Social Butterfly." She is wearing clothing that some people would say would make you seem popular. It seems as though they are stereotyping both genders saying that the boy is smart and will do scholarly things while the girls wants to be noticed and popular.

This does kind of make me view GAP in a different way. They are saying that men must be smarter than girls in a way. It feels like they are saying that girls may just be pretty faces while men will be out there getting things done. I personally don't like that people stereotype women as people who only want attention and want to be popular. That is not true in…

Happiness in Our Modern World

Happiness is a very important thing in everyone's lives. Things that make me happy are watching shows that I love, reading a nice little story, performing in a production, and the people around me that care about me. I also like to sometimes be alone, so that will make me happy sometimes. I am happiest when I am able to do some of the things I want alone when I feel like it. I am also happiest when I have my best friends around me.

For homework, we had looked at a thing that was a happiness index and it showed the places that were the happiest and the places that were not so happy. I think that it is a good thing to know because it just shows what you may be able to contribute to your country or even another so that you can make the place more cheerful. I guess the best way to measure the happiness of a nation is through politics, riots/protests, and even the internet. Also going around and seeing if people are really happy with their jobs.

For class, we read a story called "…